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List of the following area: English • Reading Skills • Academic Writing • Creative Writing • Mathematics • Science • French/German • Homework Help • Test Prep • Critical Thinking Skills • CV/Resume Assistance • Accounting • Adult Literacy • Elementary through Graduate Level • One-to-One tutoring available. To learn more, contact us today!


One to one tutoring is usually an hour-and-a-half of tutoring. We believe that this is the required time that is needed to help develop effective strategies in increasing the level of academia in the individual that is seeking to improve his or her maximum potential, skills, and confidence.

Test Prep & Standardized Exams

Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, LLC will help design strategies or a program that will help prepare the individual with the proper skills that are needed to succeed and excel in test taking. We believe in using innovative methodologies with contemporary approaches that will help aid our clients with the proper tools that are needed for Standardized Test taking.

CV/Resume Assistance

Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, LLC optimizes resumes and CVs to help support a candidates application for securing employment. Our resume writer has had more than 8 years of experience with recruiters and hiring managers.