Professor Tony Williams of Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services offers my group family child care, Bed Stuy Kids,  academic services which have benefited my children tremendously.  They are so engaged during his lessons and upon his arrival, they are thrilled to see him.  His patience, love and caring nature around the children are well received.  He is an awesome asset to our child care community.  His passion for teaching is evident .  We are so excited and honored to have experienced his gift of teaching. Respectfully  

Geneva Gee

Director of Bed Stuy Kids

"I used Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, LLC to help my son in ELA . After a few months, I saw improvements in his reading skills. He even moved up a grade level."

Diane S

"My 5 year old son is currently being tutored by Professor Tony from Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, LLC and it has been a wonderful experience. Professor Tony is very professional and passionate and my son looks forward to his tutoring session every week."

Marsha B

"My child who goes to St. Stanislaus had dropped her grades dramatically during the year I knew she needed a tutor but I was hesitant on getting one cause I kept thinking my child would be able to bring up the C average to at least a B with my help and that wasn't the case I have to say the best thing I ever did was to call Tony Williams and get him to tutor my child. I emailed my child's teacher to see how it was going and the teacher emailed me and told me about the tremendous improvement she has seen in my child and it is all due to Tony's patience and for his love of teaching children do the best they are capable of doing. Tony will tutor my child from 1st grade until she graduates college he is a God send."


DBLK's Mom

"We have had 2 sessions with Professor Tony of Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, LLC and besides my son truly grasping concepts, his confidence has skyrocketed, yes the simple idea of I think I can has become I know I can. With my son, we are working on basic english, reading and math to help reinforce his foundation that will strengthen his test performance."

PS 133 Brooklyn

Mom to 2 boys 8 & 4

"Pencil Sharp Tutoring is great. Professor Tony was a pleasure meeting with him. Tutored my daughter and he was great with her. She was pleased to go to tutoring every week. Very professional and knows how to work with her. Thanks Professor Tony for all your encouraging words to my daughter."

Nickie, Jeleen's


Professor Tony was just so helpful and caring. My daughter Angelique needed a last minute chem regent tutor...Tony managed to pull it off for us giving us a great tutor who taught my daughter in just three sessions what she needed to know to pass the regent with a whopping 85 woohoo ....Thank you Tony....I recommend Tony and Pencil Sharp Services to all students and parents.Once again Thank you and I will be back!"

Paula Digiovanni